Yoga as therapy

- Coming home in your own true self -

As a practitioner educated in anatomy and physiology both within my yogic training and training as a body-worker,

and as a trained trauma therapist with in-dept knowledge of the nervous system,

I can offer you help and support through the yogic practices as a tool for therapeutic healing in two ways:

- Physical ailments. 

- Traumas and emotional/psychosomatic pains and difficulties.

Physical ailments:

Yoga is a huge body of practices, designed to work on various aspects of our humanness.

Many of these practices work on the physical body and are aimed to support, release, strengthen and heal specific areas and functions of the body.

Yogic practices, when done correctly, can be a tool to help with a variety of issues such as:

- back problems,

- sciatic nerve issues,

- spinal issues,

- digestive disorders,

- asthma,

- joint problems,

- menstrual complaints and gynecological issues,

- complaints of the cardiovascular system,

- endocrine imbalances,

- nervous issues

and so on....

Together we can have a look at your specific ailment and needs, and adjust practices to fit your path for healing and well being. 

We can together develop a program for you and find practices and postures to offer you relief and support in your daily life. Yoga is not only something happening on the mat, but rather many of the practices can be taken off the mat into the daily life routine. 

Contact me for any info or to make an appointment either here or by phone nr 731 761 359.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Traumas and emotional/psychosomatic pains and difficulties.

One of the things which happens in the case of trauma, either through some form of shock trauma or in a long term or developmental trauma, 

is that, in order to survive, we start to separate ourselves from the experience of the body.

In order to survive the overwhelm, we disconnect from our physical sensations, from emotions, from mental processes, even the entire identity may suffer a form of distortion. 

These are all wonderful survival techniques which we have, but getting stuck in a frozen sense of disconnection from everything is devastating. 

One of the most magical aspects of yoga practice in particular is the attention and awareness which is brought in to the practice. This attention is vital for the resolution of any trauma, and release of any stuck psycho/emotional processes. 

Practicing yoga in a way which is oriented to your specific needs can help you reconnect with the body and again come to trust it and its wisdom. You may again feel at home in yourself, and that the body again becomes the safe container for all your sensational experiences. 

Boundaries may again be restored and through safe and healthy boundaries you may again re-connect to the world around you.

For any questions or information, or to make an appointment, contact me here or by phone nr 731 761 359.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

For other trauma therapy treatments I can offer you, I refer to my facebook page (unfortunately I don't have a designated website yet):

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