March 28, 2016


Heart seminar with Swami Sivamurti Saraswati from Satyananda Ashram Greece.
Held in Belgrade, Serbia, March 24 - 27


Last weekend i attended a Yoga seminar in Belgrade about the heart, the wisdom of the heart and how, through the tools of Yoga, we can manage our hearts' health, our emotional health and connect with the inherent wisdom, qualities and powers that the heart offers us.

The further our modern day scientists move wtih their scientific explorations of the nature of our existence, the closer it comes together with what the Yogis of old have known and the Yogic texts has shared with us for ages. For example that the basis of our nature is energy and that there is an inherent connection and communication between all things.

The heart is connected to our emotions and our emotional states. Emotional stress puts an enormous strain on our hearts and cardiovascular system and functions. 
The heart emits an electromagnetic field that can be measured up to many feet around our bodies. This field can also be felt and experienced by (the fields of) the people around us and has equally an effect on the people with whom we are in close vicinity. 
Our emotional states does not only affect our selves, but also the world around us.


Scientific research has shown that our physical hearts has a brain of its own. (https://www.heartmath.org/research/)
The heart-brain communicates with the head-brain,
- biologically - through the nervous system
- biochemically - through hormones and impulses
- biophysically - through the pulse and pressure waves
- bioelectrically - through electromagnetic impulses

Heart rhythms are the timing between the beats of the heart (heart rate variability, HRV), and it changes all the time. When we are running, resting, anxious, playing, in stress etc. 
It also changes according to environment, colours, light etc, and it directly influences the head-brains impulses in how it controls functions such as:
- the autonomic nervous system (ANS)
- cognitive functions
- emotions


We need to keep the communication between the heart-brain and the head-brain harmonious!

Our connection with the heart gets blocked through the fears, worries, guilts, expectations and so on that gets created in our minds. 
Then we loose contact with the hearts inherent qualities such as: spontaneity, creativity, a sense of awe and mystery, beauty and innocence. 
And we loose connection with the hears inherent powers such as: resilience, reassurance, internal strength in the face of life's challenges, self-security and the knowledge that we will find a way. 
This affects our perception of life, the way we see things, our attitudes towards our problems and other people.

When we are connected to our hearts, we are actually Happy!


Yoga offers us practices and techniques through which, when we practice them, we can reconnect and re-establish our connection to our hearts and all of its powers and qualities. We can manage our emotional health and gain mastery of our emotional responses. When we reach a state of coherency of heart and mind, our bodily systems will function in unison and optimally, and we will start to gain the experience of unity.

Take the mind back to the heart and you are in the state of meditation.

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