September 20, 2015

In Hungary with Swami Satyadharma.

Every year over the summer months the yoga ashram outside Budapest in Hungary conducts a number of different programs where you can learn about and gain experience of various branches of yoga and yogic practices.


This year (as last year and probably next year also) Swami Satyadharma was there, holding a program about Kundalini Shakti and the Chakras.

The Kundalini Shakti is the energy which is spoken of in the branch of Kundalini yoga. She is the great cosmic force residing in each and every one of us in a state of more or less dormancy, and which, when fully awakened, powers the complete capacity of our brain-functions, allowing us grow into our full potential, a total realization of our entire being.


Swami Satyadharma Saraswati has spent more than 30 years living in the yoga ashram in India with her Guru Swami Satyananda Saraswati where she has gained a lot of yogic and spiritual experience. She took us on a journey into our inner space and guided us through the psychic centres (Chakras), from the beginning of time to the manifestation of creation! 

That her knowledge comes from her own experiences comes very clearly out through the way she speaks and relays information. And certainly in the way she guided us through inner realms in meditation. She is a very inspiring teacher, I warmly recommend her seminars to any yogi/ni, seeker, or wanderer on the journey of inner truths and explorations. 
















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