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New course starting September 24. 2019

              Registration must be done by September 20.  2019

April 25th

          Tuesdays 17:00 - 18:00

          in studio Jogamatka, Gorkeho 44


Welcome to a course in meditation of 12 lessons for absolute beginners and beginners.


Meditation is a practice with much potential and benefits for our health, inner peace and self-discovery.

In this course we will slowly and steadily develop a steady base and capacity from where we can practice meditation.

We will go through the basic steps of meditation, including a good sitting posture, physical and mental stillness, the witnessing consciousness and concentration.


No previous experience needed and you do not have to worry about not already being able to sit still, we will develop together step by step. :)


All classes will be guided, and in terms of the mind these practices are more dynamic.


All classes are held in English.

New course starts September 3. 2019

This is a yoga course of 10 classes for absolute beginners and beginners.

Who is this course for?
- for you who have never done any yoga before and would like to start from the beginning.
- for you who don’t think yoga is something for you.
- for you who are interested in yoga but scared that you are not flexible or spiritual enough.
- for you who would like to be systematically introduced to the practices of yoga.
- for you who want to learn the way of Satyananda yoga, Bihar school of yoga.
- for you are looking for a relief to a stressful daily life.
- for you who are looking for a way off the treadmill.
- for you who are searching for a way out of depression and a way to self mastery.
- for you who who are searching for self realization. 

Satyananda yoga offers a systematic approach to yoga and has been tailored in such a way as to be accessible to all normal human beings living normal lives because we are the ones who can benefit so much from the practices of yoga in our life. 

The course includes physical practices, basic breathing techniques, deep relaxation practice, basic hand gestures and use of the mantra Om.

The lessons lats for 90 min and the price of the course is 2000czk.

The course starts April 2. and runs consecutively for 10 weeks.
Registration is binding and must be done before March 26. 2019.
Write to Janaki:

This course is suitable for all ages and shapes.

I wish you very welcome and I am very much looking forward to it!


Kirtan - sing your heart open

Kirtan is every 3rd Saturday of each month (taking into account that everything changes now and again),

It is open for all, requires no registration nor any previous experience nor knowledge of the practice.

To know precise dates follow my facebook page.

Come sing your heart open and your mind free!

The yogic practice of kirtan (Singing mantras) is opening the heart, cleansing emotional turmoil, connecting with our inner selves and entering into an innocent state of joy and happiness.

Kirtan is said to be the best yogic practice of our age because it is easy. It can be practiced by young and old in any physical condition, by people of all abilities and concentration spans. You don't need to know Sanskrit. You don't need to be musical. You don't need lots of time to master the practice. And, it instantly relieves an ailment that affects so many in our society today; the feeling of separateness and loneliness.
There is no way of being depressed while singing kirtans, and by bypassing the judgments of the rational mind we can fly up high and experience the blissfulness of our internal beauty.

Everybody is welcome and we are looking forward to seeing you!

Suggested donation is 100czk. Thank you.


Chakra darshan workshop/classes

Darshan means: to have a glimpse of, to see, knowledge gained through direct experience as opposed to intellectual information.

This is a yoga and meditation class/workshop, where we will deepen our understanding and experience of what in yoga is known as the psychic centrers or chakras.
This Sunday we will explore the 1st chakra: Mooladhar, the root. 
We will, through the course of the next 6 months, explore the 6 main chakras, once a month, one by one.

What you can expect:
- a short discussion on the chakra and about its connection and relevance to our lives.
- yoga asana (physical practices) and pranayama (breathing practices) relevant for the particular chakra.
- a guided meditation practice to deepen the connection to ,and direct knowledge and experience of, the chakra.

The place is studio Yogamatka in Gorkeho 44 - sister studio of Jakodoma:
Time is Sunday March 3. from 9:30am to 12:30pm.
The price is 400czk.

For more information or registration write to:

Mooladhar chakra.
This class/workshop will be focused on exploring the first or base chakra: Mooladhara. Having a closely related connection with Ajna chakra, and being the first center to awaken in our development, this is a good place to continue our exploration.
The topics governed by this center are such as: belonging, basic feeling of safety, and mastery over the very solid and material aspects of life like house, enough food, enough material goods and so on.

Next workshops/classes to follow will be:
March Sunday 3/3 - Muladhar chakra, root center.
April Sunday 7/4 - Swadhistan chakra, center of duality.
May Sunday 12/5 - Manipur chakra, seat of vitality.
(This is the second Sunday rather than the first due to a wedding)
June Sunday 2/6 - Anahat chakra, heart center.
July Sunday 7/7 - Vishuddi chakra, center of self expression.


Chakra workshop series 2018

Join me through a series of individual workshops on the chakras!

These next 6 months we will travel through a series of workshops exploring the various Chakras one by one. We will look at the qualities they govern, and their significance in our lives: how do they affect us and why are they important? 
We will also go through various practices, postures as well as meditation techniques, which has the power to awaken these centres and balance their activity. 

We will start at the top (not including Sahasrara), with "the third eye" Ajna chakra. Being "the eye of wisdom" it is important to start awaken this centre first. Then we will move down to Mooladhara, the base chakra, and then progressively move upwards in the body through Swadhistana, Manipura, Anahata and Vishuddhi.

You can participate in any workshop individually or more powerfully you can use them all as one complete journey.

The chakras are part of the yogic physiology which recognises, not one, but five "bodies" or sheets through which we exist. They are part of our psychic "body", belonging to the realm of the psyche. They are said to have a powerful effect on our personality and when fully awake opens the door to our greater human potential. 

The workshops will go once a month on the following dates:
Sunday 21/1 Ajna
Sunday 18/2 Mooladhara
Sunday 18/3 Swadhistana
Sunday 22/4 Manipura
Sunday 20/5 Anahata
Sunday 17/6 Vishuddhi

The price of each workshop is 600,- to be payed in cash on the day.

For any question or to sign up please write to:

I am looking forward to having you with me!

I invite you to an introduction workshop to Satyananda yoga, to the principles, teachings and practices of the Satyananda Yoga tradition, Bihar School of Yoga.
The workshop will introduce you to some of the various yogic practices as taught by the Bihar School of Yoga, its principles and ways of teaching.

Swami Satyananda did not focus on any single branch of yoga, but rather developed a system which integrates all aspects of yogic science and philosophy to develop the whole human personality, to integrate all parts of our human experience and to support each one of us to reach our fullest individual potential.

The workshop will take you through:
- chanting a few simple mantras,
- a short discussion about Satyananda yoga,
- an asana and pranayama class,
- a half hour tea and snack break where you also have the chance to look through some of the many books they have published on many interesting topics,
- a Yoga Nidra relaxation practice,
- and a Kirtan to end the session.

The duration of the workshop will be about 3 - 3,5 hours and the cost of the workshop is 500,- czk. Payed in cash the day of workshop.

For more information and registration write to

This workshop is suitable for everyone who would like to explore a perhaps slightly broader field of yoga, and for everyone who is interested in knowing a bit about Bihar School of Yoga and Satyananda yoga.
It is suitable for everyone, old and young, any level of previous yogic knowledge and all levels of fitness. One of the qualities of Satyananda yoga is that the practices are gentle and that all practices can be adjusted and adapted to suit individual needs.

If you like you can bring something small and delicious to share in the snack break :)

I am very much looking forward to meet you, practice with you and share the knowledge of her tradition the way it was passed on to me from my teachers.

Introduction to Satyananda yoga Workshop

16/7 2017

Yoga Lokah



Saturday February 18, 17:00 - 18:30

In YOGA LOKAH, Zelny trh.

Everyone is welcome.

Come join us - sing your heart open. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Don't forget to sign up so that we know that you are coming.


 Kirtan/Mantra singing

Saturday January 21. We are starting at 17:00. Everyone is welcome and please

sign up so that we know that you are coming.


Come join us for a Kirtan/Mantra singing session at Yoga Lokah starting ca 12:15

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